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Will Africa take the lead in the Internet of Things?

The emergence of connected hardware, from mobile phones to cars, could take off in African societies looking to make more efficient use of resources and money, but the technology will need to become more secure and more reliable before there is widespread adoption, writes Finbarr Toesland.…

Smart cities in a smart Africa

As Kilamba Kiaxi in Angola has shown, other forms of new African city need to be developed with the local markets and local needs in mind.…

A 21st century approach to infrastructure

Skills transfer, human capacity development and the creation of jobs are all central to developing an infrastructure industry in Africa that is economically and socially sustainable, writes David Welch*.…

Angola’s urban transformation

Angola’s Minister for Urbanism and Habitat, Jose Antonio Maria da Conceiçao Silva , discusses his country’s ambitious undertaking to completely transform its urban landscape, with African Business Editor, Anver Versi.

Africa’s urban revolution

The pace of urbanisation in Africa is so rapid that the UN estimates that by 2030, some cities will grow by 50% and some will actually double in size.