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Why Africa is much richer than you think

Why Africa is much richer than you think

We place so much reliance on statistics to work out if countries are growing or receding but just how accurate are the GDP figures that...

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Why Africa is much richer than you think - Out-of-date data

Why Africa is much richer than you think - Out-of-date data

According to the African Development Bank (AfDB), there are 19 countries in Africa where the GDP base year is more than a decade old, and...

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Why Africa is much richer than you think - Discovering the real story

Why Africa is much richer than you think - Discovering the r…

Ghana had to embark on a very wide-ranging process designed to discover what the real structure of the economy was. Data were collated from the...

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Tale of the tumbling rand

Tale of the tumbling rand

The South African rand is yet again in the wars. Like a handful of other emerging markets, the US’s ‘tapering’ bailout of its economy has...

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Anver Versi - avatar Anver Versi

The carnage on our roads must …

The volume of wheeled traffic on the African continent has been growing at breakneck pace...

Guest Column - avatar Guest Column

Education, education, educatio…

Education and infrastructure are the most important sectors for governments to direct their resources towards,our...

Guest Column - avatar Guest Column

The power of imagination

Innovation is the new buzz word sweeping Africa, AfricanBusiness editor Anver Versi tells us this...

Special Reports

Kenya: 50 Dramatic Years

December 2013

On the 12th of this month (December) Kenya celebrates 50 years of independence. These have been 50 mostly dramatic, sometimes traumatic and largely successful years. Its culture, which has evolved from its Arab, Indian, English and local ethnic heritages, has made Kenya one of the most cosmopolitan nations in Africa. Kenya is the financial and commercial hub of the East African region. The port at Mombasa is a vital trade lifeline to its landlocked neighbours such as Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and eastern DRC. Kenya has remained democratic since its independence and enjoys one of the freest and most vigorous presses on the continent. It has also become a major innovation hub, particularly in IT; the now famous mobile money transfer system was pioneered here.

Kenya has embarked on the Vision 2030, a comprehensive plan to completely transform its economy and attain middle-income status by that date. Given the healthy growth pattern so far and the governance reforms in its new constitution, it seems more than likely that it will attain its objectives. On to the next great 50 years!



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